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Active and Passive Upgrades
Level [10]

Perks are additional effects to improve survivability in The Pit. While some are unlocked at level [10] , others can be purchased at higher thresholds. You have a max of 3 perk slots, with a 4th unlockable through a renown upgrade. Some perks require a Renown purchase at the Prestige NPC to unlock them before they can be purchased with Gold from the Upgrades NPC.

Non-Prestige Perks

Image Name Price Description
Golden Head.png Golden Heads 500 Gold Golden Apples you earn turn into Golden Heads.
Fishing Rod.png Fishing Rod 1000 Gold Spawn with a fishing rod.
Lava Bucket.png Lava Bucket 1000 Gold Spawn with a lava bucket.
Redstone Dust.png Strength-Chaining 2000 Gold +8%❤ damage for 7s stacking on kill.
Bow.png Endless Quiver 2000 Gold Get 3 arrows on arrow hit.
Cobblestone.png Mineman 3000 Gold Spawn with 24 Cobblestone and a diamond pickaxe. +3 blocks on kill.
Chain Helmet.png Safety First 3000 Gold Spawn with a helmet.
Gold Ingot.png Trickle-down 1000 Gold Gold ingots reward +10 Gold and heal 2❤
Diamond.png Lucky Diamond 4000 Gold 30% chance to upgrade dropped armor pieces from kills to diamond. Upgraded pieces warp into your inventory.
String.png Spammer 4000 Gold Double base Gold reward on targets you've shot an arrow in. +2 Gold on assists.
Golden Leggings.png Bounty Hunter 2000 Gold +4 Gold on all kills. Earn bounty assist shares. +1%❤ damage/100 Gold bounty on target.
Wheat.png Streaker 8000 Gold Triple streak kill XP bonus.
Bone.png Gladiator 4000 Gold Receive -3%❤ damage per nearby player. 12 blocks range. Minimum 3, max 10 players.
Fermented Spider Eye.png Vampire 4000 Gold Don't earn golden apples. Heal 0.5❤ on hit. Tripled on arrow crit. Regen I (8s) on kill.

Prestige Perks

Image Name Price Renown Cost Prestige Level required Description
Bread.png Overheal 6000 Gold 10 Renown [I] Double healing item limits.
Podzol.png Dirty 8000 Gold 15 Renown [II] Killing a player grants a 40%❤ damage reduction for 4 seconds. Stacks multiplicatively onto other defensive bonuses.
Iron Axe.png Barbarian 3000 Gold 10 Renown [II] Grants an Iron Axe instead of an Iron Sword on spawn. Deals the same damage as a Diamond Sword. Can be upgraded for 150 Gold by the Items NPC to a Diamond Axe, which does even more damage than a Diamond Sword.
? Rambo 6000 Gold 15 Renown [III]

Your max health is lowered by 2❤. Gain full health on kill. Disabled in certain Major Events!

Bottle o'Enchanting.png Olympus 6000 Gold 20 Renown [IV] Instead of a Golden Apple, gain one Olympus Potion on kill. You may only hold one at a time. Drinking it grants Resistance 2 for 4 seconds, regeneration 3 for 10 seconds, and speed 1 for 24 seconds.
? First Strike 8000 Gold 25 Renown [V] Your first hit to any player deals +35%❤ damage and grants speed 1 for 5 seconds.
? Recon 6000 Gold 20 Renown [VI] The fourth bow hit to the same player deals +50%❤ damage and grants 40 XP. Does not work on yourself.
? Soup 8000 Gold 30 Renown [VII] Instead of a Golden Apple, gain one Tasty Soup on kill. On assists, gain 1 normal Soup. Tasty soups give 1❤ of absorption and 1.5❤ of instant heal as well as speed 1 for 7 seconds and a +15%❤ damage boost. Normal Soup give 1❤ of absorption, 5 seconds of regeneration 2 as well as speed 1 for 7 seconds and a +15%❤ damage boost. Soups do not stack, but they can be eaten instantly. Can hold up to 4 soups.
? Kung Fu Knowledge 10000 Gold 40 Renown [IX] Your sword does no damage. Your fist deals 8.4❤ (slightly more than a Diamond Sword). Gain speed 2 for 5 seconds on every fourth hit on the same player.
? Conglomerate 20000 Gold 40 Renown [IX] Don't earn XP. Earn 0,2 Gold per XP you would have earned.

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